Working Life After Covid Is Revealing Itself In The North

We’ve all been curious to find out what working life after covid will look like. Now, here in Manchester, we think we’re getting our first glimpse of the future. Several London employers have recently approached us, wanting us to advertise for entire remote teams up North. Which begs the question; why are they not advertising to fill these jobs locally? We explore why London employers are looking to the north to fill their skills gaps and what this might mean for the future of work.

Problems Faced by the Tech Sector in London

Skills Shortages

As if tech professionals weren’t hard enough to find before 2020, the situation has been further exacerbated by the coronavirus crisis. While working from home, many individuals have moved away from big cities, looking for a cleaner, more affordable life. So now, there are even fewer skilled professionals available to fill the open positions in the capital.

Hand holding a magnifying glass over London
Even before the pandemic, the search for top talent in London was proving tough.

Social Distancing

The cost of office space in London is already at a premium. The demand for extra space means that few businesses can afford to have 100% of their workers in the office full time.

We Don’t Want to Return to Work

A recent PWC survey reveals that over 50% of us would be happier working remotely at least three days per week. The results also show that almost a third of us would be more satisfied working from home all the time.

The above might suggest that we just don’t adapt well to change. On the other hand, now that we’ve embraced remote working and realised we work more productively, doesn’t returning to the office full time seem like a backwards step?

The Nightmare London Commute

Is this what working life after covid looks like? London rush hour on the tube?
Does anyone relish a return to the nightmare London commute?

The Proposed Solution for Working Life After Covid

Higher Salaries

Better Work-Life Balance

Also, not having to negotiate the daily commute leaves remote workers with over six extra hours per week free. That’s almost a working day that they will have to themselves instead of commuting.

Once a business decides to employ 100% remote teams, surely it hardly matters where in the UK they work from?

Manchester Skyline from the cathedral
Tech professionals will soon enjoy London salaries without moving away from Manchester.

Better Quality of Life

Could This be the Future of Work?

If you’re interested in working remotely up north for a London employer, please check out our latest jobs.



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