Working Life After Covid Is Revealing Itself In The North

Problems Faced by the Tech Sector in London

Skills Shortages

Despite the headlines being full of doom and gloom about redundancies, we’re not feeling this within the technology recruitment sector. There is still a severe tech skills drought which makes finding skilled workers in the capital a challenge. It seems the only way employers can compete for talent is to advertise higher salaries with every job vacancy.

Hand holding a magnifying glass over London
Even before the pandemic, the search for top talent in London was proving tough.

Social Distancing

The impact of social distancing measures on workspaces has been considerable. To comply with covid-19 safety measures, employers must ensure that their staff can maintain a two-metre distance at all times.

We Don’t Want to Return to Work

At the beginning of the pandemic, 80% of British employees felt that working from home had impacted their mental health. Now, it would seem that the prospect of returning to the world of work might be just as damaging.

The Nightmare London Commute

The thought of returning to work is not the only thing impacting our mental health. Possibly more so is the idea of spending 74 minutes per day squeezed into a tube. In fact, for some of us, maybe it’s not the thought of returning to the office that depresses us but having to endure the journey there and back.

Is this what working life after covid looks like? London rush hour on the tube?
Does anyone relish a return to the nightmare London commute?

The Proposed Solution for Working Life After Covid

Our London clients believe that having northern-based employees working for them remotely will solve these problems. Not only that, but northern people working from home will likely gain a few added benefits to boot.

Higher Salaries

Our southern clients expect that advertising salaries slightly higher than the northern average will be enough to attract the skills they need. However, this will still result in substantial cost savings for their business.

Better Work-Life Balance

Working from home provides people with the flexibility of working when it suits them. As productivity in tech jobs is measured on getting the job done, how it gets done is rarely in question.

Manchester Skyline from the cathedral
Tech professionals will soon enjoy London salaries without moving away from Manchester.

Better Quality of Life

These UK based remote workers will earn higher salaries than the northern average while remaining up north. They will have no commute and, therefore, extra time on their hands. The theory is that they will undoubtedly enjoy a better quality of life than being office based in London.

Could This be the Future of Work?

There is an age-old business theory that a happy workforce is a more productive one. Whether or not this is achievable through employing 100% remote teams remains to be seen. However, we are thrilled to be part of the experiment and excited to see how the results pan out over time.



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