Why Should You Learn To Code in 2021?

The events of 2020 have found many of us with more time on our hands than we might like. What better way to put that time to use than to learn a new skill? But why should you learn to code specifically? Well, the obvious reason is that if coding turns out to be something you’re good at, it could open the door to some of the highest paying jobs out there. Sound good? Keep on reading to find out more great reasons to learn to code.

Reasons to Learn to Code

Because You Never Know, You Might Enjoy It!

Put like that, it certainly sounds like a strange concept and might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But you never know how much you might enjoy learning programming languages until you give it a go!

Young man learning to code at a computer

Because You Can

Now, almost every single one of us has a computer in our pockets that’s so powerful you can use it to learn to code. OK, the screen might be a little small, but its processor is likely more than capable. The point being; most people have access to the equipment.

What’s more, you don’t have to commit to a full-on web development course, there are many apps and online courses available which will teach you coding skills for free.

We’re big fans of Codecademy, a site that enables complete beginners to learn the basics of coding for free. Here, you can try out simple languages such as HTML and CSS. If you find you enjoy it and want to go further, it offers different career paths to follow. For example, a Web Developer, where you might progress onto other languages like JavaScript, Python, Ruby or PHP. Along the way, you will complete projects that allow you to showcase your skills in an online portfolio.

Having a digital portfolio to back up the skills on your CV demonstrates to employers that you can put your coding knowledge into practice.

Children learning to code in a classroom

Because Learning to Code is Good for Your Mental Health

Learning to Code Can Open the Door to Endless Job Opportunities

Although programming skills can also open the door to many other tech careers such as IT Project Management or Digital Marketing, particularly SEO.

A Few Final Thoughts on Learning to Code

If you need any more motivation, to learn to code, why not check out our latest vacancies?



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