Why is Diversity Important In The Workplace

Diversity has been a hot topic for 2020. At times this year, it’s been difficult to escape stories of antisemitism and white supremacy. But what can we do on a local scale to encourage diversity and why is diversity important in the workplace anyway?

Is improving diversity just a box-ticking exercise for employers, or can it have any impact on their bottom line? Read on to find out the answers to all these questions and more.

What is Diversity in the Workplace?

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Ethnic backgrounds
  • Sexual orientation
  • Language
  • Levels of education
  • Physical ability
  • Social and economic background
Employees discussing why is diversity important in the workplace

Why is Diversity Important in the Workplace?

  • Variety of different perspectives
  • Increases creativity
  • Encourages innovative thinking
  • Diverse teams solve problems faster
  • Improves decision making
  • Increases profits
  • Encourages employee engagement
  • Improves employee retention
  • Makes your brand more relatable to a broader audience
  • A better understanding of customers needs
  • Boosts your employer brand
  • Attracts top talent
  • Improves brand reputation
  • Harmonious work environment

How to Promote Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

Stop Viewing Diversity as a Box Ticking Exercise

A recent report by McKinsey found that businesses employing a higher percentage of female managers generate higher profits. This doesn’t necessarily mean that women are better business leaders than men. It’s more likely that a broader range of skills and opinions among managers facilitates more effective decision making.

Focusing on goals your company hopes to achieve by encouraging diversity is likely to deliver better results than concentrating on targets.

Review Your Recruitment Process

If your business doesn’t currently use a competency-based interview approach, consider how it encourages cognitive diversity. Competency questions facilitate fairer consideration, regardless of gender, age or background.

Try also, mixing up interview panels so that they include a variety of different backgrounds, age ranges and skill levels. A diverse interview panel can make potential employees feel more relaxed during interviews and therefore, more likely to open up.

Diverse interview panel

Educate Existing Management Team

Encourage Cross-Pollination

Allowing employees to gain experience in different areas benefits existing teams by encouraging innovative and creative thinking. It also benefits individuals by enabling them to explore their ambitions within your business. This, in turn, helps the business because they will be less likely to look outside your organisation for personal development.

Celebrate Cultural Diversity

A social events calendar that celebrates cultural diversity regardless of religion goes a long way to encourage inclusion in the workplace. It can also improve your companies reputation within global markets.

A Few Final Thoughts on Diversity in the Workplace

Thinking about how your business can improve diversity by adapting its recruitment process? That’s just one of the ways we can help. To find out what else we can do for your business, check out our client services page.



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