8 Digital Recruitment Strategies To Change Post Covid

8 Digital Recruitment Strategies to Change Post Covid

Adapt to the Changing Recruitment Landscape

The labour market now is not the same landscape we were recruiting in two years ago. The way we work has changed, employee expectations have changed, and the demand for skilled professionals is far greater than pre-pandemic.

Plan Ahead

Many business leaders don’t see hiring as a priority and wait until they have a hiring need before advertising their role. Hiring when you urgently need to fill critical positions is far too late. Many talented tech professionals are in contracts with three months’ notice periods, which could leave a business lacking essential skills for at least six months. That is, of course, taking into account time to hire.

Know Who You’re Looking For

One of the biggest mistakes we see our clients make is interviewing several unsuitable candidates before understanding what their ideal candidate looks like.

Hiring manager pointing to a candidate out of a shortlist
Knowing who you’re looking for makes them easier to find and saves valuable management hours.

Ask for Expert Help Early

Gone are the days when companies advertise a vacancy and qualified applicants apply. The best candidates for your vacancy are sitting tight in their jobs and won’t apply for your role unless you give them a good reason to.

Hire Digitally

Every company has one thing on their mind at present — post covid growth. There is, therefore, an abundance of jobs available. If employers want candidates to apply for their roles, they need to make their candidate experience as smooth as possible.

Interview Digitally

During the pandemic, many employers switched to virtual interviewing. Video interviewing has saved our clients so much time that we predict that it will be around for good.

Make Faster Hiring Decisions

Some businesses take so long to make hiring decisions post-interview that they lose candidates to their competitors. This is a crying shame when tech talent is so scarce, to begin with.

Managers planning their digital recruitment strategies
Hiring when you have a need is too late. Planning in advance enables you to make much faster hiring decisions.

Work on Your Employer Brand

Companies need a strong employer brand if they want to attract applications from top candidates. The easiest way for employers to develop their employment brand is to promote their existing employee experience.

A Few Final Thoughts on Changing Digital Recruitment Strategies

If your business hasn’t yet thought about changing its digital recruitment strategies to keep up with post-pandemic trends, now is the time. Even before covid struck, digital hiring was increasing in popularity. Now it’s just what candidates expect. Therefore, employers who are not advertising, accepting applications, interviewing and onboarding online will lose top talent to competing recruiters.



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