8 Digital Recruitment Strategies To Change Post Covid

It’s all very well to announce that your company is ‘going digital’, but what about your hiring strategy? If there’s one thing the covid-19 pandemic taught us all, it’s that businesses must embrace organisational agility if they want to survive. To keep up, companies need talented people in place who will drive their business forward. Moreover, the employer with the most competitive digital recruitment strategies will be the one who wins in securing tech talent.

8 Digital Recruitment Strategies to Change Post Covid

Adapt to the Changing Recruitment Landscape

Of course, we are far from being out of the woods as far as fighting covid is concerned, but experts are optimistic that its resilience is waning. However long it may last, your business strategies undoubtedly project beyond the end of the crisis. Therefore, your hiring strategies must reflect this.

Due to the abundance of jobs available, there is an increase in hiring competition. Candidates can afford to be picky about the roles they apply for and expect more from employers than before.

Pre-pandemic, many employees were requesting some degree of remote working in their benefits package. Throughout the pandemic, they have become used to working from home and having proven they are capable of doing so, they don’t understand why that can’t continue. Many are even leaving employers for the sole reason that they have anxiety about being called back to the workplace.

In a post-covid-19 world, the future of work is likely to be based on a hybrid model. The most successful employers will be the ones who embrace that.

Plan Ahead

Employers must embrace hiring as part of their long term growth strategy to achieve their business goals.

Know Who You’re Looking For

Employers must spend time with their hiring managers and HR professionals before going to market. They must identify the critical skills needed to support new business goals. It helps to create a candidate persona by asking questions like; what qualities does this person have, and what will they contribute to the business? Without having this in place, they’re putting themselves at risk of enormous setbacks.

Lacking the understanding of who you’re looking for risks wasting endless management person-hours throughout the interview process. Not only that, but it risks damaging your employer brand and reduces the talent pool available to you long term.

Hiring manager pointing to a candidate out of a shortlist
Knowing who you’re looking for makes them easier to find and saves valuable management hours.

Ask for Expert Help Early

Recruitment consultancies have specialist technical resourcers working on this around the clock looking for these passive candidates. So why waste valuable time and money trying to recruit in-house?

Your HR leaders are, no doubt, experts in their field. However, they don’t have the time or know-how to devote to endless hours of candidate resourcing. In trying to manage this part of the recruitment process yourself, you’ll be competing with highly skilled professionals who do.

Hire Digitally

Applicant tracking systems make it easier than ever for candidates to apply with one click. A good ATS will also help you market your roles. If you’re looking for a digital recruitment strategy to change post covid, this is one to work on long-term.

Applicant tracking systems can be expensive, and finding one that suits your needs takes a great deal of research. So if you don’t have an ATS installed already, it can be easier and cheaper to piggyback off the capability of a reputable recruitment firm in the short term.

Interview Digitally

If you’re not already interviewing your candidates online, this is an easy digital recruitment strategy to get on board with. Not only does it save time in the interview room, it also speeds up the hiring process.

Make Faster Hiring Decisions

Now that we’ve all got the hang of zoom during the pandemic, there’s absolutely no excuse for leaving candidates waiting for a decision. HR teams should have time booked in with their hiring managers straight away following an interview. At that point, the facts are still fresh in everyone’s minds, therefore, making it easier to make faster hiring decisions.

Managers planning their digital recruitment strategies
Hiring when you have a need is too late. Planning in advance enables you to make much faster hiring decisions.

Work on Your Employer Brand

Why do your existing employees love working for you? Any employer who can’t answer that question will have a problem attracting top talent.

A Few Final Thoughts on Changing Digital Recruitment Strategies

Don’t underestimate how much help you can get from recruitment consultancies in this regard. If they already have the digital capability in place, you’ll likely get a big boost from working with them.

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