Tech Recruitment News Roundup March 2021

Top Three Skills Groups for Career Growth Potential

The pandemic has brought to light how essential digital capability is for companies to thrive in technology, media, and telecoms. However, more than digital products, investment in tech talent is key to driving company performance. After all, what use is a fancy car if you don’t know how to drive it?

  • Digital Architecture
  • Embedded Systems/Internet of Things
  • AI and Advanced Analytics
All the things connected by the internet of things

What Does the Supreme Court Uber Ruling Mean for Tech Contractors?

One story that has dominated the news recently is the UK Supreme Court ruling that Uber drivers should be classed as ‘workers’. This is fantastic news for taxi drivers, who are now entitled to work-related benefits such as holiday pay.

Is Now a Good Time to Look for a Job?

One of the most common questions candidates ask us is, “Is now a good time to be looking for a new job?”. To that, we always reply that the best time to look for a job is whenever you’re ready. Although we suspect that when people ask us this, what they’re hoping for is a weather forecast of the current jobs market.

  • The number of permanent vacancies advertised in February 2021 was 27% less than in February 2020 and 7% less than January 2021
  • The number of contract positions advertised in February 2021 was 8% less than in February 2020 but only 3% less than January 2021
  • The amount of sales revenue from permanent placements in March was up 24% compared with last month
  • The amount of sales revenue from contract placements in March was up 3% compared with last month
  • Compared with November, permanent vacancies have increased by 24.6% and contract 14.6%
Young lady feeling confident in her new job

Women Feel Less Confident Applying for Jobs

A recent survey by CV-Library looked at job-hunting behaviour during the pandemic. They found that only 43% of women feel confident applying for a job compared to 60% of men.

  • 67% worry about an increase in competition from other applicants
  • 41% think there are not enough jobs available
  • 30% say they can’t find jobs meeting their salary requirements
  • 22% found there to be a lack of flexible working opportunities
  • 22% felt they lack the necessary skills to apply for available jobs

Will There be a Working From Home Revolution?

The question employee seems to want us to answer is, will we continue to work from home after the pandemic? The answer to this question entirely depends on the employer. While some employers have realised the benefits of embracing remote working, others look forward to returning to the office. Likewise, some employees have thoroughly enjoyed working from their home office while others have struggled with the experience.

Man adopting flexible working practices by working from home



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