Return To Work Anxiety: 7 Ways Employers Can Support Employees

How we Feel About Returning to Work

  • Before the pandemic, only 24% of Brits worked from home
  • Since the start of the pandemic, homeworking has risen to 46%
  • 76% of British respondents said they work from home more now than they did before
  • 43% said they think we will be back in the office within a year
  • 33% said they didn’t think things would ever return to how they were before
  • 46% of us say we would prefer to work from home more than we did before
  • 60% agree that they are more productive when working from home
  • 31% of would rather quit our jobs than return to the office full time
  • Five days a week — 27%
  • Four days a week — 11%
  • Three days a week — 21%
  • Two days a week — 11%
  • One day a week — 5%
Employee with a big smile on her face as she returns to the office
Some of us have really missed being around our colleagues and can’t wait to get back to the office.

Why Employers Should Care What Employees Think

7 Ways Employers Can Support Employees Returning to Work

Offer a Hybrid Work Model

Make the Office Safe

Communicate With Employees

Encourage 1:1’s

Employee suffering from return to work anxiety, slouched and biting his nails
Return to work anxiety is very real and affecting many employees who have never previously shown signs of mental illness. There are many ways employers can make their transition back to the workplace an easier one.

Provide an Employee Assistance Programme

Promote Work-Life Balance

Change Attitudes to Sickness

A Few Final Thoughts on How Businesses Can Support Employees with Return to Work Anxiety




Hi there! I’m Rachael, Marketing Manager at Adria Solutions Ltd. Read more about me here:

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Rachael. Adria Solutions

Rachael. Adria Solutions

Hi there! I’m Rachael, Marketing Manager at Adria Solutions Ltd. Read more about me here:

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