Responding To Questions Effectively When You Don’t Know The Answer

Preparing For Tough Questions

  • Learn more about your personality traits.
  • See how you analyse situations to find logical solutions.
  • See how you perform under pressure.
  • Understand your experience levels and comfort with situations.
  • See your body language when not using rehearsed answers.
Responding to questions effectively will avoid uncomfortable feelings like this woman is having
Biting your nails, eyes desperately darting around the room, sweating… All signs you can’t answer unexpected questions effectively. Don’t let lack of preparation give you away.

How Not To Answer A Difficult Question

  • Do not umm and err your way to an incoherent answer.
  • Avoid the temptation to answer a completely unrelated question.
  • Do not just ignore the question.
  • Avoid trying to shoehorn intellectual words into an incomprehensible answer.
  • Do not shrug or start looking around the room.

Tough Questions And Their Answers

What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses?

Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?

Abstract Questions

Woman shrugging her hands at a seemingly ridiculous interview question
Many interviewers like to throw curveball questions into their interviews to test a potential employee's ability to keep their cool in stressful situations.

Why Do You Want To Work Here?

Why Should We Hire You?

Woman standing out among her work colleagues
Get specific. A potential employer wants to know what you did, not what the rest of your team did. Always answer these questions in terms of ‘I’ rather than ‘we’.

A Few Final Thoughts on How to Respond Effectively When You Don’t Know the Answer to a Question




Hi there! I’m Rachael, Marketing Manager at Adria Solutions Ltd. Read more about me here:

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Rachael. Adria Solutions

Rachael. Adria Solutions

Hi there! I’m Rachael, Marketing Manager at Adria Solutions Ltd. Read more about me here:

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