Lockdown 3.0: We’re Still Hiring!

As much as we all saw this coming but hoped it wouldn’t happen… here we are, in lockdown 3.0 due to the covid-19 pandemic. At least this time around we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, this will be the third and final lockdown, and we can all start living normal lives again soon. In the meantime, we want to take this opportunity to reassure our clients and candidates that we’re still hiring!

This is a really worrying time for everyone, with tens of thousands of people losing their jobs in the retail and hospitality sectors. Fortunately, in the tech sector, we see a more positive picture.

The Current Situation with Recruitment

The IT, Digital & Marketing sectors were very quick to adapt. Many of the clients we recruit for were already used to remote working before the pandemic. So for these companies, it was business as usual. Any employers who didn’t already allow employees to work from home were quickly adopted remote working.

Additionally, most employers with hiring needs changed their hiring processes. Instead of interviewing face to face, video interviewing has become the norm.

Is Now a Good Time for Job Hunting?

Our Advice to Experienced Candidates

Our Advice to Newly Qualified Candidates

However, we anticipate that returning to an office environment will open the door for more opportunities at junior levels.

Our Advice to Anyone Considering a Career Change

A recruitment consultant vs an agency recruiter

Recruitment consultants have a deep understanding of their market sector and know what their clients are looking for. They are therefore able to advise which career paths are worth pursuing. They can also steer you away from other areas which are oversaturated with entry-level candidates.

For example, when many people decide to embark on a new tech career, they focus on becoming a Software Developer. However, there are many other exciting career paths to follow, such as IT Project Management or Customer Experience Management.

Depending on your current job role, these career paths might be easier to transition into from your current one. Moreover, they are not as obvious career choices as Software Development, soy you may, therefore, find yourself up against less competition for jobs.

Hand holding a loud haler shouting we're still hiring!

Let’s Reiterate — We’re Still Hiring!

  • Junior Product Owner
  • Senior Product Owner
  • Data Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Automated Testers
  • Front End Developers

Do you know anyone who might be looking for a job in the tech sector? If so, please spread the word that we’re still hiring with them by sharing this post on social media. They will be sure to thank you for it!



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