Interviewing For A Job You Don’t Want? Top Reasons You Should Turn Up Anyway

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re in the midst of a job search. Before you know it, you’ve submitted your CV for a role you’re not interested in. Another common scenario is when applying through recruitment agencies: Any minor miscommunication can result in finding you’re interviewing for a job you don’t want. While your instinct may be to decline the invitation politely, here are eight reasons you should turn up anyway.

8 Reasons To Show Up To An Interview For a Job You Don’t Want

You Can Never Get Enough Interview Practice

Lady holds her hands to her temples in front of the interview panel
Job interviews can be stressful but the more practice you have, the easier they get. So it makes sense to practice your interview skills on jobs you’re really not that bothered about.

It Might Not be What it Seems

Writing compelling adverts is rarely a hiring manager’s primary strength, rather something they do because they must. The resulting job descriptions can, therefore, often be dry and lacking in enthusiasm.

You May Find Out About About More Suitable Opportunities

Checking the company website before you meet with them can reveal what other opportunities are available. However, there may be vacancies in the pipeline that the company is not yet officially hiring for.

Get Inside The Head of a Hiring Manager

These insights can give you a massive advantage over competing interviewees when preparing for the interview that matters most.

Join Their Talent Pool

However, once you’re in their system, any positions future vacancies that match your skillset should flag up with the hiring manager. When this happens, candidates often find themselves being the only candidate in the running for that vacancy.

As companies grow and develop their employer brand, they attract more quality candidates for every job. Therefore, getting your CV noticed and securing an interview becomes more difficult. Take Google, for example. Once upon a time, in 1996, they were a small company called BackRub. How much demand do you think there was to work for them back then? Now, if you search Google for ‘how to get a job at Google‘ you will find about 3.7 billion results!

Grow Your Network

Clarify Your Career Goals

Having this knowledge can open your eyes to career paths that may not previously have been apparent. As a result of your experience, you may also ask more insightful questions in interviews and increase your chance of success.

Interviewing for a job you don't want like this lady looking at her phone in confusion
Whether or not to attend an interview can cause some confusion but turning up anyway may provide some unexpected clarity.

Use The Offer To Attain Your Goals

Alternatively, let’s say your ideal position exists within a company that has a slow recruitment process. Informing them that you have an offer with a competitor can speed up their decision-making.

A Few Final Thoughts on Attending Interviews for Jobs You Don’t Really Want

In our experience, we have never heard a candidate say that an interview was a waste of time and they wish they had never gone.

We hope this article has given you food for thought and opened your mind to, well… keeping an open mind! If you found this article useful, please share it on social media where it can help others.



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