How To Train Yourself To Multitask Effectively

Our Top 5 Tips for Training Yourself to Multitask Effectively

Man using his laptop while drinking coffee at his messy desk with the phone off the hook
Trying to do too much is not multitasking effectively. Instead, it’s the art of managing your time effectively so that you can get more done.

Try to Bundle Related Tasks

Switching between tasks that are very different makes it more challenging to move from one job to another. When you start working on one thing, your brain fires up everything it needs to complete that task. But if you change to focus on something entirely different, your brain has to switch directions too, and it can be more difficult for you to get into the new task.

Young lady learning how to train herself to multitask effectively - she has six arms and juggles the phone, tablet, laptop and other items
Teaching yourself how to multitask effectively can enable you to cross more jobs off your to-do list in less time.

Create a Visual Workflow

Staying on top of everything that you have to do can help you stay organised and multitask effectively. You can only work on one task at a time, but having a list of things you need to do will help you prioritise the most crucial. A list of tasks, whether you write it out by hand or as a digital list, will give you a visual reference of where you are up to. It also enables you to cross things off your list as you complete each item.

Set Goals That You Can Meet

Setting goals is essential if you want to be productive. However, an important part of learning how to multitask is knowing how to set realistic goals. Being a recruitment consultant means that you’ll always have something to do, but it’s essential not to try and do too many things at once. Prioritising the most important tasks will help you set more realistic goals and ensure you’re not putting pressure on yourself to meet impossible ideals. When setting goals, choose your tasks carefully and ensure you give yourself enough time to complete them.

Filter Out Distractions

You need to be able to focus when you’re working on multiple tasks at once. Trying to do too much at one time can lead to incorrectly processed information, so it’s essential to avoid distractions. However, there is a difference between multitasking and being distracted.

Man in a meeting being distracted by his mobile phone
Our mobile phones can be the biggest distractions preventing us from completing important jobs. Switching them off for a length of time is sometimes the only answer.

Take Breaks

The life of a recruitment consultant is a very busy one, but that doesn’t mean there’s no time for breaks. Taking breaks is essential when multitasking, giving your brain time to reset between busy periods. When grouping similar tasks together in blocks, it can be good to take breaks between blocks. Give yourself a few minutes when switching between different task types so that you can stretch, drink some water, and give your eyes and brain a break.

A Few Final Thoughts on How to Train Yourself to Multitask Effectively

Of course, this article focuses on how multitasking can help us get more done as recruiters. No matter what profession you’re in, effective multitasking is something that you can train yourself to do. With the right multitasking skills, you can become more efficient no matter what job role you do.



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