How To Hire Tech Talent: 10 Insider Tips

Our Top 10 Tips on How to Hire Tech Talent

We could offer endless advice for employers to improve their hiring process. But if we had to pare our knowledge down into what’s likely to give you the biggest bang for your buck? These are our top 10 tips for employers who want to improve their recruitment process and attract the best techies.

1 — Know your stuff

Businesses never let their IT sales reps loose among their customers until they’re confident they know their stuff. Why? Because salespeople who lack expert product and company knowledge can make a business seem unprofessional. The financial implication is that they wouldn’t meet their sales quota and damage the brand’s reputation long term.

This hiring manager knows exactly what he's looking for in a new hire
Knowing your stuff before going out to market achieves better results than being vague and hoping for the best.

2 — Increase your reach

just as employers check out an applicant’s social media accounts before inviting them to interview, candidates do the same. In fact, most candidates won’t apply for jobs with companies that lack an online presence. Therefore, time to think about attracting top talent is not when you have a vacancy to fill. Of course, that’s the most appropriate time to advertise the role.

3 — Understand your target audience

Do you have any idea what your perfect candidate looks like? How about their motivation for seeking a new position? Or their ambitions for the future? Only once you have this information can you devise a long term recruitment strategy that will attract your target candidates.

4 — Be specific

Hiring managers are often wary of being too specific on job ads for fear of putting potential candidates off. However, if what you post on the job boards lacks clarity, applicants will skip past it to continue their search.

  1. What do you expect from the successful applicant
  2. A bit of information about your company
  3. How you will reward them in return
Hiring manager drawing up the specific details of her latest job vacancy
Job adverts need to be specific if they are to attract your ideal candidate.

5 — Tap into your network

Networking is a nugget of advice we always give to job seekers, but it works just as well for employers too. If you have great people working for you, they likely know more hard-working, talented individuals just like them. Tapping into this network by offering existing staff a referral bonus can open up a goldmine of opportunity.

6 — Ask your “techsperts”

If you have a tech team, they’re your experts or ‘Techsperts’ as we like to call them. They understand what makes people like them tick, what they do in their spare time, where they hang out and what motivates them. So why not hold a focus group and invite them to offer their insights into where you can find more people like them?

7 — Focus on learning and development

If you’re not keeping up with technology, you’re falling behind. That’s why one of the top criteria for tech professionals, particularly software developers seeking a new position, is learning and development.

Interviewer successfully hiring tech talent shakes the hand of his new recruit
Tech talent is scarce right now and the competition to recruit tech professionals is fiercer than ever. There are ways to make your company more appealing to tech job hunters and get ahead of the competition.

8 — Provide career longevity

Nobody likes going through the rigmarole of searching for a new job and then having to endure the interview process. Therefore, companies offering opportunities for development within the business reduce the need for people to leave.

9 — Reward loyalty

Consider the benefits you offer for a moment. Do they provide an incentive for employees to stay if they were thinking of leaving? For example, if you’re offering only the bare minimum pension scheme, your staff would probably get a better deal elsewhere. Therefore, it might be worth weighing up how much it would cost your business to up your pension offer vs how much you spend on recruitment.

10 — Think beyond talent attraction

Tech candidates are hard to find, and talent acquisition is expensive. So instead of focusing on acquiring new employees, why not concentrate on retaining existing staff? The last four points should help you reduce staff turnover.

A Few Final Thoughts on How to Hire Tech Talent

Hiring in a skills drought, as we’re experiencing now, can be time consuming and expensive. Expert IT recruitment firms have a wealth of experience to offer in addition to the apparent hiring solutions they provide. Tapping into this kind of specialist knowledge can help take your hiring strategy to the next level and beat the competition in the race for top tech talent.



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