How To Hire Tech Talent: 10 Insider Tips

Attracting and hiring tech talent is one of the biggest challenges for pretty much every one of our clients. Particularly since the start of the pandemic, demand for top tech talent has outstripped supply. So how does the average lesser-known company compete with tech giants like Google and Amazon in attracting potential candidates? We share our top ten tips on how to hire tech talent from our insider knowledge of the recruitment industry.

Our Top 10 Tips on How to Hire Tech Talent

1 — Know your stuff

Undoubtedly, the same should apply to hiring managers conducting interviews. After all, they are ambassadors of the business responsible for making decisions that affect the company’s future.

It’s surprising, then, how many hiring managers have the freedom to publish job ads without fully understanding the job description. Then there are the ones who will enter an interview room expecting the candidate to be prepared after only giving their CV a quick glance. These hiring managers are letting your company down and seriously need to up their interviewing game!

The interview process is a 50/50 experience. With candidates for tech jobs being so scarce, they can afford to be picky. Therefore, anyone interviewing them needs to seriously know their stuff.

This hiring manager knows exactly what he's looking for in a new hire
Knowing your stuff before going out to market achieves better results than being vague and hoping for the best.

2 — Increase your reach

Before applying, candidates want to understand what daily life is like within your business and what existing employees have to say about their candidate experiences.

It’s not simply enough for your business to throw up a careers page and leave it there. The best applicants want to see social media content that backs up an employer’s claims. Companies can only build up this kind of content with a long term recruitment marketing strategy.

Smaller, less-established businesses often lack the budget to improve their employer branding. If this sounds familiar, piggybacking off the expertise and reputation of a reputable recruitment agency can be a cheaper option.

3 — Understand your target audience

Just like your marketing team would before introducing a new product to the market, creating a candidate persona is a good place to start before advertising your job.

4 — Be specific

So what do candidates want to see on job ads? There are three crucial elements a job advert must include to make it appealing to job hunters.

  1. What do you expect from the successful applicant
  2. A bit of information about your company
  3. How you will reward them in return

The biggest mistake we see in job adverts is that they focus far too much on what they expect from candidates. Newsflash… Nobody will want to work for you if they don’t feel adequately rewarded for the job they do.

Hiring manager drawing up the specific details of her latest job vacancy
Job adverts need to be specific if they are to attract your ideal candidate.

5 — Tap into your network

6 — Ask your “techsperts”

7 — Focus on learning and development

Many employers worry that if they offer their tech staff the resources to develop their skills, they will use those skills to move onto pastures new. Actually, the opposite is true; investing in your techies’ skills development can benefit your business and enable you to outshine your competition.

Interviewer successfully hiring tech talent shakes the hand of his new recruit
Tech talent is scarce right now and the competition to recruit tech professionals is fiercer than ever. There are ways to make your company more appealing to tech job hunters and get ahead of the competition.

8 — Provide career longevity

Conducting regular performance reviews gives management a chance to build relationships, encourage openness, and discover their staff’s ambitions. Providing opportunities to achieve their goals within your organisation can make people feel valued.

Not only that, but it’s cheaper to hire someone at entry level than it is a fully-fledged tech professional. A recent stack overflow report finds that most developers have less than five years of professional experience. Therefore, adopting a tech recruitment strategy that involves promoting from within and hiring replacements with less experience to fill their shoes is likely to be more successful than one that works the other way around.

9 — Reward loyalty

10 — Think beyond talent attraction

A Few Final Thoughts on How to Hire Tech Talent

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