How To Get Into Recruitment (and why would you want to?)

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment involves everything from identifying suitable individuals for an open vacancy to filling the position. There are two sides to this profession: some professionals work in-house and others within recruiting agencies.

Young man researching how to get into recruitment
Getting into recruitment is not as hard as you might think.

In House vs Agency Roles

In-House (or employer side)

In-house recruiters work for a single employer to attract, screen, interview, hire and onboard staff. These positions often sit within the human resource department, and their job usually involves more compliance than their agency counterparts. This includes documenting interviews to ensure no discrimination occurs, obtaining proof of identity, references, right to work and issuing contracts and terms and conditions.

Hiring managers interviewing a candidate with help of in house recruiter
If you choose in house recruitment it’s likely you will spend a great deal of time interviewing potential candidates.

Recruitment Consultant (Agency Side)

Working life within a recruitment company is very different. You could expect to work on various job vacancies for several num employers at once. However, you would focus on one specialist area such as IT, Digital or Marketing.

A team of consultants celebrate their colleagues success
Recruitment agencies are often a more vibrant atmosphere to work in than in-house, which often sits within HR.

How to Land Your First Job in a Recruitment Agency

Three common attributes will help you succeed in whichever side of the industry you’re interested in working on. They are:

Communication Skills

Strong communications skills are an absolute must if you’re thinking of working in recruitment. Most of your job will involve speaking with clients and candidates, following up conversations by email, and you may even need to source candidates on social media.

Sales Skills

It doesn’t matter if you work in house or agency side, there is a lot of sales involved in recruitment. In essence, it’s about selling people to people.

Telephone Skills

Recruiters spend much of their day talking to candidates on the phone. However, this is the thing that newbie recruiters seem to struggle with the most. The reason for this is that as we’ve become more comfortable with texting and chatting on social media, we’re developing a slight phone phobia.

Young recruiter celebrating making her first placement
Nothing beats the feeling of making your first placement.

Why Recruiters Love Their Jobs

Working in recruitment is hard at first, but as with learning anything new, practice and persistence will help you improve. On difficult days, it helps to focus on the positive points about recruitment. Here are a few reasons why those in the industry love their jobs:

  • High earning potential is often achievable without a degree
  • Success is measurable
  • You feel the reward for your hard work in each paycheque
  • Freedom to prioritise your workload, as long as you get the job done
  • Learn valuable transferable skills
  • Potential for fast career growth
  • You get to talk to a variety of interesting people every day
  • It’s a fast-paced environment which helps time at work pass quickly
  • You get a buzz you feel every time you place a candidate in their ideal job
  • No two days are the same
  • Every day, you have the opportunity to change someone’s in a positive way
  • It can satisfy your competitive tendencies
  • You really get to feel the impact of the effort you put into your work
  • There are often extra perks for hitting your targets, such as holidays or nights out

A Few Final Thoughts on How to Get Into Recruitment

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a better idea of what the employment industry is all about. Think recruitment might be for you? Following the above tips should improve your chances of landing your first job in this exciting profession.



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