How To Get Into Recruitment (and why would you want to?)

What is Recruitment?

Young man researching how to get into recruitment
Getting into recruitment is not as hard as you might think.

In House vs Agency Roles

In-House (or employer side)

Hiring managers interviewing a candidate with help of in house recruiter
If you choose in house recruitment it’s likely you will spend a great deal of time interviewing potential candidates.

Recruitment Consultant (Agency Side)

A team of consultants celebrate their colleagues success
Recruitment agencies are often a more vibrant atmosphere to work in than in-house, which often sits within HR.

How to Land Your First Job in a Recruitment Agency

Communication Skills

Sales Skills

Telephone Skills

Young recruiter celebrating making her first placement
Nothing beats the feeling of making your first placement.

Why Recruiters Love Their Jobs

  • High earning potential is often achievable without a degree
  • Success is measurable
  • You feel the reward for your hard work in each paycheque
  • Freedom to prioritise your workload, as long as you get the job done
  • Learn valuable transferable skills
  • Potential for fast career growth
  • You get to talk to a variety of interesting people every day
  • It’s a fast-paced environment which helps time at work pass quickly
  • You get a buzz you feel every time you place a candidate in their ideal job
  • No two days are the same
  • Every day, you have the opportunity to change someone’s in a positive way
  • It can satisfy your competitive tendencies
  • You really get to feel the impact of the effort you put into your work
  • There are often extra perks for hitting your targets, such as holidays or nights out

A Few Final Thoughts on How to Get Into Recruitment




Hi there! I’m Rachael, Marketing Manager at Adria Solutions Ltd. Read more about me here:

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Rachael. Adria Solutions

Rachael. Adria Solutions

Hi there! I’m Rachael, Marketing Manager at Adria Solutions Ltd. Read more about me here:

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