How To Find The Right Candidate For The Job

Finding great candidates is becoming increasingly more difficult as skills shortages become more apparent. Often, hiring managers find themselves interviewing people they might not have considered potential employees a few years ago. So as the quantity of available skills reduces, how do you increase your chances of hiring the right candidate for the job? We explain how minor tweaks to your hiring processes can increase your chances of hiring top talent.

Top 10 Tips for Identifying the Right Candidate


1 — Identify Your Ideal Candidate BEFORE Going to Market

The trick to attracting top talent is to identify what the perfect candidate looks like before you advertise. Once you have your ideal candidate persona, you can write a job description and job advert to attract that person.

In addition to the necessary technical skills, you want your new hire to have, consider why this vacancy has become available. For example, was the prospective employee’s predecessor a nightmare to work with? If so, then you’ll want to write a job ad that focuses on how well their replacement will work within a team.

On the other hand, they might have been fantastic, and you’re reluctant to see them go? In that case, think about the qualities that individual has that you want to attract more of.

Alternatively, this role might have become available due to someone taking a sabbatical to gain a college degree. Therefore, your ideal candidate might be someone who can hit the ground running with minimal supervision.

2 — Write Clear and Concise Job Adverts

Don’t forget this last point; it’s crucial! Too many job adverts consist of a long list of expectations from the candidate but fail to mention what benefits the business will provide or their company culture.

Competition for candidate attraction is fierce. Therefore, employers who want the best candidates must focus on candidate attraction.

3 — Work on Your Employer Brand

  • The employee experience your existing workforce enjoys
  • What jobs you have available
  • How candidates can apply for them
  • How your business will reward people if they choose to work for you

A strong employer brand vastly improves the candidate experience and can increase the number of job candidates you receive applications from. It can also create a healthy stream of speculative applications, making life easier when it comes to recruiting and hiring.

4 — Ask For Referrals

The best way to tap into this valuable resource is to offer an employee referral scheme. Compared with job board advertising or agency fees, this can be the most cost-effective way to recruit.

5 — Use Talent Pools

This is where talent pools come in. Smaller businesses may find talent pooling easy to manage using spreadsheets and email. Larger organisations that receive a high volume of applications will find this process much more manageable with an applicant tracking system.

Either way, the principle is the same; ask if it’s ok to keep applicants’ details on file so you can contact them again in future. Whenever a new role becomes available, be sure to check the list of candidates from your talent pool first. This tactic can save businesses thousands of pounds in recruitment fees!

During the Interview

6 — Use Your Questions Wisely

For example, Do they have a willingness to learn and develop their skills? How well do they get along with other members of a team? Can they work under their initiative with minimal supervision? Do they have a growth mindset?

One of the best ways to identify soft skills is to ask competency questions, which require interviewees to answer based on their past experience. The theory behind these kinds of questions is that if a person has previously reacted to a given scenario in a particular way, they are likely to behave that way again in future. This enables interviewers to gain an insight into what kind of employee they might make before hiring them.

7 — Pay Attention To Interviewees

8 — Take Care With Culture

Post Interview

9 — Run Background Checks

If you haven’t already by this point, checking out their social media feeds is a must. LinkedIn offers a window into their professional world, whereas Facebook and Instagram will show you what’s important to them outside work. Twitter, on the other hand, will highlight any strong opinions they have.

10 — Conduct Probation Reviews

On the other hand, if your new team member is doing great, this presents the perfect opportunity to motivate them to thrive in their new environment. While you’re there, it’s also the ideal time to mention your referral scheme!

A Few Final Thoughts on Finding the Right Candidate for the Job

If you need help or advice with any of the above, our expert recruitment consultants can help your business devise a strategy for candidate attraction.

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