How To Find IT and Digital Talent in the Midst of a Tech Shortage

Is There Really a Shortage of IT Talent?

No, it’s not just your imagination! Finding talented IT professionals is super tricky right now. It’s all down to a UK-wide technology skills shortage caused by two key issues:

Internal Skills Gaps

Within every business, there are ‘Knowledge Gaps’ or ‘Skills Gaps’. These terms refer to the difference between existing IT skills within the workplace and the knowledge required to fulfil business objectives. Such ‘Skills Gaps’ occur as a result of unfilled roles.

Global Tech Skills Shortage

To add to any internal issues businesses may be suffering from, there is the broader issue of a global technology skills shortage.

Lady making a silly face and using her hands like binoculars to search for IT talent
Hey! Where is all the IT talent hiding? The struggle is real…

Do Tech Professionals Need a Certificate to Prove Their Skills?

Many cite this source of data as an unfair representation of the UK’s Tech Talent. Why? Well, a considerable percentage of IT professionals claim to be self-taught. A survey by Stack Overflow in 2015, which polled more than 26,000 IT workers, in 157 countries, found:

  • Almost 50% of Developers never gained a degree in their chosen discipline
  • 41.8% of respondents described themselves as “self-taught”
  • Only 37.7% held a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science or a related field

How To Find IT Talent During Dry Spells

At times like this, job candidates become lazy. They understand that their skills are in demand so instead of trawling job boards for the latest job postings, they wait for the jobs to come to them.

1) Use Social Media

Social Media is a highly underestimated tool. With the potential to reach thousands at the click of a button, marketing has not seen the likes for decades.

Young lady using social media to search for IT professionals
Social media enables companies to demonstrate their company culture in an authentic way.

2) Provide Solutions-Based Content

Make your website the place where talented tech candidates come to, to solve their work-related problems. The way to do this is by writing regular blog posts that your target audience find engaging and informative. This way, when a candidate finds themselves in need of a new role, your platform is the first place they will look, out of habit.

Recruiters creating a content strategy based around solving their ideal candidates' problems
First, we need to get into the minds of our ideal candidates then we need to solve their problems

3) Tap into the Passive Market

This leads us to our next point, tapping into the passive market.

Recruiter searching for IT talent on their laptop
Use the power of the internet to find talented professionals online!

4) Widen your Search Area

In the UK data centre sector, non-British staff are filling at least one in five business-critical technical positions. As a result, large corporations are extending their search for IT talent across cities, counties and countries!

Magnifying glass as clients widens his search for IT talent
Come on guys… I know you’re out there!

5) Manage Your Time Wisely

It’s easier said than done. Indeed, any one of these steps can be highly time-consuming. For example, some companies have whole in-house teams to manage and monitor their social media presence. It can eat away at vast amounts of company time, without any guaranteed outcome. Moreover, trying to break into the passive market requires an enormous amount of time and investment. Again, this often comes without any guaranteed success. It is therefore imperative for businesses to work out the goals they wish to accomplish before working on a strategy that will see them come to fruition. Time management is a key soft skill for your employees to develop if this is your company’s aim.

Gentleman looking for help in his search for IT Talent
With so many areas to cover, it can be hard to know where to start or focus your efforts! Maybe it’s time to outsource some of your workloads to an expert?

6 — Employee Referrals

Encourage existing employees to become ambassadors of your business by starting an employee referral scheme. This is a simple concept that is relatively cheap to set up and can double your recruitment efforts with very little work.

7 — Revamp Your Benefits Package

A skills shortage increases competition among employers for the best available IT talent. So, if your business wants to attract the most talented professionals, it needs to stand out as the most attractive employer. Therefore, a decent salary alone is not enough to attract top tech talent.

Make it Easy on Yourself!

Not all businesses have the resources and budget to implement all of the tactics mentioned above. However, a well-established recruitment agency will offer these things as part of their service.



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