How To Craft The Perfect Job Advert

  • Reaches the best potential candidate(s)
  • Defines the responsibilities and requirements for the job
  • Showcase your company culture
  • Provide a clear call to action for the application process

Job Description, Job Advert, Job Spec… What’s the Difference?

Nobody can sit at their desk and create a compelling job ad from scratch. Creating an engaging job post is a multi-step process.

A Great Job Title Conveys Meaning

Job titles can be exciting when they convey the appropriate message. Ultimately, candidates scroll your job boards to find roles relevant to their career progression and experience. In other words, they are more likely to engage with a job title that builds a clear and defined picture.

Man meditating intensely in a white suit on a white sofa in a white room
If you advertise the role of Marketing Guru rather than Marketing Manager, what kind of response would you expect? Plain, easy to understand language is always the best option.

Narrow Down Your Target Audience

A detailed job description can help you determine who your audience is. Ultimately, effective job ads are not lucky in finding the right candidate. They are designed specifically with the audience persona in mind. In other words, when you write a job ad, you need to choose wording and values that will resonate with your target.

HR and hiring manager discussing their latest role requirements
If you want to attract the ideal candidates, you need to present them with an offer that will resonate with them.

Sell the Business and Company Culture

It is not a great job because you say so. Candidates expect job adverts to promote the company culture; they will then decide for themselves whether the job is worth applying for. So when you write a job ad, you need to ask yourself: Why would candidates want to work within this business? Or how about asking existing employees why they enjoy working for you? This is your unique selling point to a candidate and what will make them want to apply for your vacancy over another.

Explain What the Successful Candidate Will be Doing

Make it About Them

The worst performing job adverts include a long list of must-have qualifications and essential requirements, followed by a list of nice to have’s or additional requirements. What’s more, they don’t include any salary details or list any benefits of working at your company. Would you apply for a job like that?

An attempt at crafting the perfect job advert
Gone are the days of publishing a list of demands and waiting for applications to flood in. Your ideal candidates want to know what’s in it for them; why should they want to work for you?

Explain Your Application Process

Last but not least, a good job ad needs to guide your potential candidate to the next step. It’s essential to define the application process, sharing all the information your audience needs to apply successfully:

  • Deadline — if there is one, although keep in mind that this could put potential applicants off
  • Application link or contact detail
  • What you expect: CV format, cover letter format, portfolio format, etc.
  • If relevant, brief notes on the interview process (such as a requirement to prepare a presentation, etc.)

A Few Final Thoughts on How to Write the Perfect Job Advert

Writing job ads is rarely a hiring manager’s favourite task. After all, it’s not what their employers hire them to do. However, after reading this brief guide, we hope that you now have a better idea of how to design a compelling and successful job ad.



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