How To Conquer Imposter Syndrome

What is Imposter Syndrome?

Clance’s Discovery:

Woman looking frightened due to her imposter syndrome

Famous Faces in Cases:

A young imposter pretending to be Einstein
Women who looks very down about her job, feeling like a fraud

Do I Suffer From Imposter Syndrome?

  1. Feeling like an ‘imposter’ or actor in your occupation/everyday roles
  2. Thinking that the people around you are very different from yourself
  3. Comparing yourself to others unfairly
  4. Positive feedback and acknowledgement don’t make you feel any more confident in your abilities
  5. Fearing judgement/people realising you’re not good enough
  6. (As a result) You often stop your self contributing ideas/thoughts
  7. Do not volunteer yourself for tasks/promotions/job vacancies
  8. Have a negative view of your abilities but a very positive outlook about your peers’ abilities
  9. Feeling that you don’t deserve accolades/ other people deserve them more than you
  10. Failing to see how anyone else could feel this way/ feeling alone in your woes

What Causes Such Fraudulent Feelings?

young girl looking sad due to imposter-like feelings

Can I Conquer Imposter Syndrome?

How Can I Shake the Feeling?

A professional lady attempting to conquer her imposter syndrome

1) Take Note of Positive Feedback

2) Communication is Key

3) Ignorance is Not Bliss

Lady looking happy ofter conquering her imposter syndrome

From Imposter to Prosper!




Hi there! I’m Rachael, Marketing Manager at Adria Solutions Ltd. Read more about me here:

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Rachael. Adria Solutions

Rachael. Adria Solutions

Hi there! I’m Rachael, Marketing Manager at Adria Solutions Ltd. Read more about me here:

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