How To Become A Social Media Manager

What Does A Social Media Manager Do?

Some people believe a job in social media means posting memes and animated videos and thinking of ingenious replies to other people’s tweets. However, there is much more to this role.

Content Creation

What does it mean to create content for social media? Well, it might look like this:

  • Come up with content ideas for your social media posts around relevant topics
  • Write the text of your posts
  • Shoot the images or videos, or select your existing content from the photo or video assets to go with your text. This process often involves using some image or video edition tools.
  • Finally, schedule the content.
Learning how to become a social media manager
You will often find yourself having to manage multiple social media pages, mainly if you work for a marketing agency.

Community Management

Community management involves replying to fans and engaging through online conversations to create engaging conversations around your brand. That is usually the most fun part of every social media role. It involves some customer management tasks, especially if you manage the social media accounts of a large e-commerce retailer or a big brand.

Social Media Reporting

When you work as a social media manager for a company, you spend plenty of time looking at the likes, shares, comments of each publication. This is, measuring the results.

Paid social media

As a social media manager, you might be in charge of designing, planning, and implementing paid social media campaigns. This is, image or video ads featuring the products or services of a brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. In larger companies, paid social media management is usually a whole different role.

Graphic design

Do you need to be an expert graphic designer to work in social media? No, you certainly do not. However, having graphic design and video edition skills will improve your chances of finding your first job on social media and distinguish you from the crowd.

How To Get Hired As A Social Media Manager

If you do not have previous experience building a community of your own or you have never worked in social media, you will most likely start your career as a Social Media Assistant. Then, you might progress to becoming a Social Media Executive role to gain experience before finally being promoted to Social Media Manager.

Working In-House Vs In A Digital Agency

You can work as an in-house social media manager in companies of all sizes and types. You need to know that, in smaller companies, social media is a one-person job. As you can imagine, you have more resources when you work for an agency or a large company. Whether or not this leads to faster career progression very much depends on the individual organisation you work for.

Digital Marketing agencies for Social Media
Many companies externalise their digital marketing and hire a digital agency to help them design their social media strategy or paid social advertising.

What Skills Do You Need To Become A Successful Social Media Manager

We have already mentioned some of the top skills for social media professionals, some of which are common to other areas of digital marketing:

  • Good communication
  • Creativity
  • Image and video edition
  • Copywriting
  • Time management and organisation
  • Data analysis
  • Team working
  • Customer service
  • Project and budget management
  • Flexibility and adaptability
Main skills to work as a social media manager
Social media moves quickly. Trends in social media change quickly.

Is Social Media Management A Good Career Choice?

Digital Marketing professionals are in high demand at present, and social media is one of the most exciting career paths in the field. For this reason, social media entry roles always attract a large number of candidates.

Final Thoughts On How To Become A Social Media Manager

If you thought Social Media was a task for the intern, think again! Social media is the heart and the voice of a company, and it represents the values and the brand. Having an inexperienced social media manager can damage the reputation of a brand.



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