How successful people get the most from a Recruitment Agency

How Successful People Find Jobs Quickly Using an Agency

From first deciding to leave a job to receiving a job offer can take months. During which updating your CV, searching job postings on job boards, submitting applications and attending interviews can devour your time. Using an agency can help reduce the time it takes and increase your chances of getting a job offer.

  • Match your skills and experience to the most appropriate job, so you don’t have to waste time trawling job boards
  • Provide CV and job application advice, so you don’t waste time applying for irrelevant positions
  • Handle a lot of the usual admin and phone calls that come with arranging job interviews
  • Help with interview preparation to improve your chances of getting an offer
  • Chase feedback after interviews to speed up their client’s decision-making process
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Seven Traits of Highly Effective Job Seekers

They do Their Research

Candidates who achieve success quickly often have the best recruitment agencies working on their behalf. The quickest way to find the best recruitment agency is to do an internet search. They’re specific; For example, if they’re looking for a job in IT, they search for ‘IT recruitment specialist’ rather than ‘recruitment agency’.

They’re Honest

When you first speak to a recruitment consultant, you’ll find they ask you some pretty personal questions. Such probing questions are necessary for consultants to understand their clients and candidates to best match their needs.

They Respond Quickly

Many people these days have phone phobia and don’t answer their phone unless know who’s calling. However, avoiding phone calls is a huge mistake when job hunting! Taking a call during work time might mean sneaking out of the office, which many people are scared of doing. Nevertheless, cunning candidates understand that the quicker they take the call, the faster they’ll progress through the recruitment process.

They’re Realistic

Astute applicants are self-aware; They understand that landing a Head of Marketing role with only two year’s experience as a Marketing Assistant is unlikely. Although, if that’s their ambition, they will ask a recruiter for advice on reaching their goal.

Lady wondering how her friend gets the most out of working with a recruitment agency

They’re Reliable

Applicants who get job offers quickly turn up on time for interviews. They research their route and do a dry run in advance. On the morning of the interview, they get up early and leave in plenty of time.

They Prepare

Successful candidates prepare well for job interviews. That said, some interviewers like to ask awkward questions where others stick to competency-based questions. Every hiring manager has its own interviewing style and bank of questions.

They’re Persistent

Rejection can often be hard to take. Although despite negative feedback, contenders keep going. Recruitment and HR often work together to improve the candidate experience. Part of that will be delivering feedback. In situations where you don’t get a job offer, the feedback you get might not be what you want to hear. Whatever it is, intelligent candidates use feedback to reposition themselves and improve their chances of success next time.

Interviewees waiting in line to be interviewed

A Few Final Thoughts on How to Get the Most From a Recruitment Agency

Candidates have been lucky for the past few years while the jobs market has been in their favour. However, during the coronavirus crisis, the dynamic has shifted, and jobs are harder to come by. Under the circumstances, having a quality recruitment consultant on your side can dramatically improve your chances of getting hired quickly. That said, it’s always the most cooperative candidates who receive job offers more quickly.



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