Searching for a new job is more challenging in 2020 than ever. The UK jobs market has been hit extremely hard by the Coronavirus crisis. As a result, many people who were in seemingly safe jobs now face career uncertainty. For youngsters stepping onto the first rungs of their career ladder, there are fewer choices available and increased competition. That said where many industry sectors have struggled this year, the tech industry still thrives. So whether you’re a college leaver, or looking for a career change, we have compiled a list of entry-level tech jobs that are easy to get into.

It is a common misconception that it is necessary to have a bachelors degree in Computer Science to get a career in tech. This is not the case at all. The truth is that tech professionals are in extraordinarily high demand at present. With demand for tech professionals exceeding availability, there is no better time to break into the world of technology.

In the past, a degree may have been necessary to land your first entry-level tech job. These days, hiring managers more commonly look for an eagerness to learn over a string of qualifications.

As well as tech careers being accessible, there is the potential to progress quickly into high paying jobs from an entry-level role. So, in addition to sharing with you five entry-level tech jobs that are easy to get into, we will also give examples of where your career might lead.

In addition to paying decent salaries, entry-level tech jobs can help widen your social network and often come with the added bonus of a fun working environment.

Technical Support Specialists or Tech Support Engineers are essential to every business who relies on technology to function. It is their job to provide computer support and assistance with information systems, usually over the phone but sometimes in person. They might serve employees within a business or third parties who may encounter problems with a company’s software or equipment.

When hiring Technical Support Specialists, companies look for people with:

You don’t need a great deal of technical knowledge to get into tech support, although it helps if you have an interest in computer systems. Delivering timely and efficient customer service is also a large part of Tech Support. So having previous experience in a customer-facing position will also help.

Entry-level positions are often referred to as First-Line Support and usually offer salaries starting at £18,000. With a few year’s experience, you might expect to progress to 2nd or 3rd Line which pays an average salary of around £35,000 — £40,000.

Tech Support can offer exposure to many different aspects of the tech world. Therefore an entry-level job in this field can open doors to many other career options. People who chose this path into IT may go on to pursue a career as a Systems Analyst, Project Manager or DevOps Engineer, to name a few.

Digital hand reaching out of a computer screen to shake a human's hand
Digital hand reaching out of a computer screen to shake a human's hand
Welcome to a career in tech!

The recent health crisis has brought to the fore, how important it is for companies to have an online presence. Now more than ever, companies are crying out to fill any vacancies they have that involve creating and maintaining websites.

Web Designers and Web Developers are both in the game of building websites, but there are distinct differences between the two. Where Web Designers focus on the look and feel of a website, Web Developers concentrate more on its functionality. Web Developers will therefore need more knowledge of different coding languages, whereas a Web Designer’s skill set will include things like Photoshop and design.

Web designers in their entry level job working on the design of a new website.
Web designers in their entry level job working on the design of a new website.
Web Designers work on the look and feel of the website, whereas Web Developers tend to focus on its functionality.

If you want to get into Web Design, you will need to be able to demonstrate your interest and ability in this field. However, due to the abundance of web design courses available online now, this is child’s play. Most beginner courses guide you through creating a website, which you can do at your own pace and add to it as you learn new skills. Voila — there you have an online portfolio that will enable you to get a job!

Junior Web Designer salaries start at around £18,000 although, with a few year’s experience, a Senior Web Designer can expect to earn between £30,000 and £60,000.

Web Developers need more technical coding knowledge to get started in their careers. For this reason, starting salaries for Junior Web Developers are slightly higher at around £25,000. However, Senior Web Developers earn roughly the same at around £30,000 — £60,000.

It is easy to gain experience as a Web Developer by following online courses or attending coding clubs. The latter will also enable you to expand your social circle within the dev community. Building a network in this way may help boost your career options in future — you never know who you might meet or what they will become!

Young lady teaching herself to code so she can get an entry level job as a web developer
Young lady teaching herself to code so she can get an entry level job as a web developer
Many young people, and those seeking a career change, are choosing the self-taught route into Web and Software Development.

To become a Software Developer, you will need a portfolio which demonstrates your achievements. Don’t let that put you off though. There is a multitude of online courses you can take that will enable you to build a portfolio.

Employers will expect to see evidence of the computer languages you know and what you can do with them. Hiring managers seeking Junior Software Developers might look for any combination of the following:

  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • C#
  • JavaScript

Junior roles in Software Development start with salaries around £20,000, while the average Senior Developer earning £35,000 — £60,000.

The future career choices for anyone choosing a career in Software Development are incredibly varied. Within Software Development, there are many different avenues to pursue, such as Game Development, Mobile App Development, or if you wanted to get more involved in software functionality, you could become a Software Engineer.

There are myriad combinations of languages and skills developers choose to learn, depending on what outcome they want to achieve. Because of this, many developers are choosing the self-taught route over going to university. Employers also respect the determination of those who choose this path and often value this over qualifications.

Business websites are frequently under attack from criminals trying to obtain access to customer data or even their bank accounts. For this reason, Cyber Security Experts are vital to businesses.

However, there are surprisingly few Cyber Security Experts within the jobs market. This means that there is very little competition for jobs and little to no unemployment. It also means that Cyber Security experts are exceptionally well paid! Starting salaries range from about £25,000 but can reach anything up to a whopping £100,000 with experience.

If you’re just embarking on your career in Cyber Security, the best route in might be an apprenticeship. To get a taste of what a fascinating career choice Cyber Security can be, seek out hackathon events in your area.

Hacker attempting to break into a company's security system
Hacker attempting to break into a company's security system
Businesses are frequently under attacks from cyber-criminals trying to obtain valuable data.

When we say ‘easy to get into’ of course we mean, you don’t need a degree to earn a reasonable salary. If you want to step into the world of tech, there will be a certain amount of work to do to achieve your goal. That said, the rewards are considerable. The salaries are handsome, and you get to spend the rest of your career working in a creative environment.

If you are more interested in any of the job roles mentioned above, why not check out our active jobs? Of course, looking at what is currently available will only highlight what employers are looking for right now. But it may give you some idea of what to aim for in future if you choose to pursue interested in a career in tech.

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Hi there! I’m Rachael, Marketing Manager at Adria Solutions Ltd. Read more about me here:

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Rachael. Adria Solutions

Rachael. Adria Solutions

Hi there! I’m Rachael, Marketing Manager at Adria Solutions Ltd. Read more about me here:

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