Agile VS Waterfall: Which Is Best For Your Career?

What is Waterfall project management?

Don’t go chasing Waterfalls!

Indeed, there are two significant issues with the Waterfall project management approach. The first is that in its strict structure Waterfall only allows for customer feedback once the project has been completed. Of course, this means that if the project team has missed the requirements of the stakeholder, or exercised an error in logic no one knows this until the very end. This is something that means by using Waterfall you are at risk of delivering software products that do not satisfy your customer.

How Agile is great for your career

There is another specific advantage to using an Agile iterative cycle for software development too, and it’s that it can help boost the careers of those using it.

Agile vs waterfall? Both commonly involve many sticky notes on a whiteboard but which one is best for your career?
So many sticky notes, but how to make the best sense of them?

Final Thoughts on Agile VS Waterfall

In conclusion, an Agile approach is better for both the success of your project and the progress of the career of the individuals involved.



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