5 Stages Of The Job Interview Process: What To Expect At Each One

Why So Many Rounds of Interviews?

Candidates often grow increasingly impatient with each meeting an employer invites them to. Like, how many interviews does it take to get a job? There are two main reasons for hiring managers to invite candidates to subsequent rounds of interviews, despite having made their mind up that they already like them.

What to Expect at Every Step in the Interview Process

Of course, every business is different and will have its own agenda. However, the following are the most common types of interviews most employers use.

Round 1 — The Job Application

While the job application is not an interview, a job seeker must get past an applicant tracking system or person screening the CVs. In order to achieve this, your CV must list the necessary skills and experience that the job description states.

Round 2 — The Telephone Interview

Also often called a screening interview, the phone interview exists to eliminate applicants who do not meet essential criteria. For example, an employer might only be interested in hiring someone who is willing to work on-site. Therefore, anyone who cannot travel to their place of work would not receive an invitation to the next round.

Hiring manager conducting a telephone interview
Telephone interviews are less formal and are designed to weed out unsuitable candidates based on fundamental requirements.

Round 3 — First Face to Face Interview

So, your CV has met the criteria to pass through the ATS, you made it through the phone screening, and now you have an invitation to an in-person interview. Congratulations!

Lady researching a company before a job interview
The internet makes researching a company you want to work for a piece of cake.

Round 4 — The Final Interview

Further face-to-face meetings are often a tie-breaker when a hiring manager cannot decide between two or more candidates. All of the same principles as the above interviews apply. However, this is the time for you to show off more of your personality and help the interviewer understand what sort of person they will get on their team by hiring you.

Interviewees going through a five stage job interview process
A company may review CVs of many unique candidates, but only one may receive a job offer.

Round 5 — Background Checks

Background checks are not usually put in place to test candidates. However, any false information you give could result in you being found out at this point. See Round 2 — The Telephone Interview.

A Few Final Thoughts on the Five Round Interview Process

Not all companies use the same interview formats listed above. Some might substitute the phone interview for a video interview. Others may conduct phone interviews but invite all candidates to a group interview.



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