​​24 And Don’t Have A Career? 5 Actions To Take Before You Hit 25

5 Actions to Take That Will Get You Closer to Finding A Career

Most of us have the feeling that we’ve lost our way in life at some point. Many of us even reach that conclusion several times throughout our working lives. For some, it can be because we never went to university but know that we’re capable of more than we found ourselves doing. Or maybe you went to university but realised the course you chose wouldn’t lead to a career upon graduating.

Lady with her head in her hands at her desk
Many of us realise we’ve made a bad career choice before we make the right one. Sometimes we only learn what we want by finding out what we don’t want.

Realise That Hardly Anyone Has Their Career Figured Out By 25

If you’re 24 and don’t have a career, it’s easy to assume everyone your age has it sorted. However, it might reassure you to learn the findings of an ONS survey of young people’s career aspirations versus reality. The study compared the ambitions of 16 to 21-year-olds with the jobs they found themselves in six years later.

  • Writer, Actor or Producer — 11.22%
  • Teacher or other Educational roles — 8.76%
  • Pharmacist, Dentist or Vet — 8.17%
  • Police Officer or a Firefighter — 4.04%
  • Nurse or Midwife — 3.53%
  • Sales and Retail — 6.2%
  • Personal Care — 4.8%
  • Teacher or other Educational roles — 4.5%
  • Elementary services — 4.3%
  • Sales and Marketing — 3.7%
  • Administration — 3.3%
  • IT and Telecommunications — 2.8%
  • Childcare — 2.8%
  • Financial Administration — 2.7%
  • Business Finance — 2.7%
  • Customer Service — 2.5%
  • Construction — 2.5%
If you're 24 and don't have a career, 25 can seem scary - this lady holding a birthday cake looks worried
When you’re 24 and don’t have a career, your 25th birthday might not seem like something worth celebrating

Research What Suits You

If you reach 24 and don’t have a career, the volume of information available on the internet can feel overwhelming. In this situation, personality tests can be a good idea. There is an abundance of online personality tests you can take to find out what kind of career suits you. Some are free, some you have to pay for, and others aim to sell you something.

Get on LinkedIn

People commonly think that LinkedIn is a social media channel where people go to find jobs. While it can be beneficial for that purpose, it can also be an excellent place for researching different careers.

Weigh up the Pros and Cons

Working through the above steps will likely generate a few ideas of careers you might like to pursue. You may then have to draw up a list of pros and cons to weigh up against each other. Giving each deciding factor a score of one to ten might help you to see a clear winner.

  • What is the earning potential for someone at your level?
  • How much can you expect to earn in five years?
  • What do you expect your work-life balance to be like in this career?
  • Where are the jobs? Will you have a long commute or have to relocate?
  • Does it allow you to travel?
  • Will you need to manage people as you progress throughout your career?
  • Does this career choice leave room for having a family?
Lady considering the pros and cons of one career vs another
The pros and cons of various career choices will vary depending on what’s important to you.

Devise a Plan

Following the above steps should present a clear picture of where you’re at and where you want to be. Then all you need to do is identify tasks you need to complete to get you from here to there. You might need to attend training courses, networking events or apply for jobs and climb the career ladder.

A Few Final Thoughts on Being 24 And Not Having A Career

Everyone’s situation is different, and we’re all individuals. Therefore, the specific actions you will need to take to reach your chosen career path will vary from person to person. We hope that following the above steps will get you moving towards your chosen career path by the time you’re 25.



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