15 Signs You Will Get The Job After A Interview

15 Positive Signs You Got The Job

The fact that the company invited you to meet with them means you already made a good impression. There’s an old saying in recruitment that the job is yours to lose once you reach the interview room. To gauge whether the outcome might be positive or negative, see if you noticed any of the following signs you will get the job after the interview:

  1. The seniority of the panel
  2. Relaxed, positive body language
  3. Signs of certainty
  4. Compliments on your skills and experience
  5. Positive language
  6. A discussion about salary expectations
  7. Invitation to share your opinions
  8. A change of mood
  9. Length of the interview
  10. A conversation about your availability
  11. They mention benefits
  12. They discuss the next steps
  13. Invitations to connect on LinkedIn
  14. A tour of the office
  15. Being introduced to the team

1 — The Seniority of the Interview Panel

The level of seniority of the people interviewing you can indicate your chances of being hired. For example, let’s say this is your first invitation to meet your potential employer. You walk into the interview room and meet the hiring manager, a member of HR and the CEO. This might indicate that the company is serious about making a hiring decision quickly.

2 — Relaxed, Positive Body Language

When you meet someone you don’t quite gel with, you may find it hard to relax around them. So if the panel’s body language seems relaxed and positive, it’s a sign things are going well.

Interviewer showing signs you will get the job after interview with her smile and welcoming handshake
Body language and friendly facial expressions can be a good sign that a job offer is coming your way.

3 — Signs of Certainty

The language hiring managers use throughout your meeting may indicate possibilities or certainties. For example, if the panel uses phrases like ‘if we invite you to join our team…’ they may be unsure about offering you the position. On the other hand, using words like ‘the team you will be working with…’ indicate more certainty.

4 — Compliments on Your Skills and Experience

Sometimes interviewers will tell you directly that you have the skills and experience they are looking for throughout your meeting. If they don’t, there’s no harm in asking them.

5 — Positive language

The interviewer will most likely have a copy of your CV to hand, or at very least will have read it before meeting you. As they review your work history, pay attention to the language they use. Saying they were pleased to see something on your CV or remarking that something within your work history impressed them are good signs.

6 — A Discussion About Salary Expectations

Conversations surrounding salary expectations can be a red herring. Unfortunately, most companies ask this question to find out if you realise what you’re worth. This is often because the department has a limited budget. Although they might also ask questions around salary if they think you’re currently operating at a higher level than this job requires.

7 — Invitation to Share Your Opinions

Being asked to share your opinion about the company or any change of direction it intends to take is a good sign. Asking questions like this allows them to assess your suitability for the role and overcome any objections you have.

8 — A Change of Mood

A sudden change of mood during your meeting can be a good thing or a bad thing. Usually, a sudden lightening of the atmosphere is a sign that the interview is going well. Conversely, the conversation turning sour and body language stiffening are indicators that the discussion is not going quite so well.

We can tell these interviewers are interested in what the interviewee has to say because of their expressions
Interviewers may become more or less interested in what you’re saying throughout the course of your meeting.

9 — Length of The Interview

The length of the interview can also be another red herring. If you’re expecting to be in the room for an hour, but the interview gets cut short, don’t write off your chances. Particularly if all other signs seem positive.

10 — A Conversation About Your Availability

If a hiring manager discusses a potential start date, try not to get too excited until they offer you the position. Many companies ask every candidate the same questions in the interest of fairness and to avoid discrimination.

11 — They Mention Benefits

Discussing benefits is another point that often gives job applicants false hope. Interviewers won’t usually bother to waste their time selling you the job if they have no intention of offering it to you. On the other hand, their company policy might give all applicants the same information to avoid discrimination.

12 — They Discuss the Next Steps

If your interviewers don’t mention the next steps, you should definitely ask. Most companies won’t make you an offer on the spot, but they should at least tell you when you can expect to hear from them.

13 — Invitations to Connect on LinkedIn

If an interviewer invites you to connect on LinkedIn, there’s a fair chance they want to offer you a position within their business. If you don’t tick all their boxes, it’s unlikely they would do this.

14 — A Tour of the Office

Since the start of the pandemic, office tours have been a challenge. Many interviews are done remotely by video call. That said, if they like you, the hiring manager may walk you around the building with their mobile phone.

Management giving an interviewee a tour of their office
It’s unlikely your interviewers will waste their time giving you a tour of their office if they don’t think you’re a good fit for the role.

15 — Being Introduced to the Team

An introduction to the team you will be working with does not guarantee a job offer. That said, it is one of the top signs you will get the job after an interview.

A Few Final Thoughts on Signs You Will Get The Job After Interview

No matter how well you feel your interview went, try not to obsess over it. If you have other interviews in the pipeline, you should still go, even if you think this one went well. If you haven’t got any other job applications going on, find other things to take your mind off your interview. Go to the gym, out with friends, or have a marathon movie session to occupy your mind. Don’t drive yourself crazy looking for signs you will get the job after the interview.



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