12 Tips For Getting On With People At Work

Do you often feel anxious when going to work? Perhaps you’re looking for a new job and just feel worried about fitting in with other team members. Don’t worry; this is perfectly natural, and we see it all the time. However, it’s beneficial to deal with your anxiety and learn how to get on with people at work.

Top 12 Tips for Getting Along With People at Work

Ask Questions

New employee asking questions in a one to one meeting with a colleague
People would rather you ask lots of questions when you first start a new job. Asking questions denotes an interest in the role you’re taking on and also helps you pick up the job more quickly.

Set Boundaries

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Respect People’s Roles

Treat People Equally

Own Your Mistakes

Colleagues helping young lady fix her mistakes after owning up to them
We all make mistakes, we’re only human, after all. As long we own up to them, our colleagues are normally willing to help us fix them. It’s all part of getting along as a team.

Be a Good Listener

Understand Cultural Differences

Approach conversations with curiosity and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Taking an interest in cultural diversity avoids making mistakes relating to their culture that can cause awkwardness. They’ll also appreciate that you’re taking the time to embrace their differences.

Be Friendly on Your First Day

Group of people at work talking and smiling around a table
We spend a third of our lives at work, that time can be much more enjoyable if we make an effort to get along with people at work.

Follow Good Employee Etiquette

Avoid Gossip

Focus on Your Job

A Few Final Thoughts on Getting on With People at Work

If you apply for a job through a reputable recruitment agency, it’s always worth conversing with them about fitting into your new team. Not only are they career experts in their field, but they likely have an excellent working relationship with your new employer. They can, therefore, offer a wealth of helpful advice about the company culture you’re about to join.

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