Ten Tips For Becoming A Successful Technical Recruiter

Our Top 10 Tips for Becoming a Successful Technical Recruiter

1 — Don’t Be Afraid of the Jargon

Every recruitment sector has its quirks. Likewise, each client you deal with has a unique company culture and each job role requires a different skill set. In this respect, recruiting for the technology sector is no different to any other. In fact, to a certain extent, the jargon you will come across when filling jobs in the tech sector can make things easier.

Young lady worried that she'll never be a successful technical recruiter with all the computer languages she needs to learn
Don’t let learning computer languages be a barrier to a career in technology recruitment. You don’t need to know the languages themselves, only have a rough idea of what they do and how they relate to your role.

2 — Accept That Every Day Will be a School Day

Technology moves at a fast pace, and so, therefore, will the tech skills your clients require. Therefore, when hiring developers and software engineers, you will need to stay up to date with the latest technological developments.

3 — Know Your Candidate

To find great technical talent, you need to know who they are and what makes them tick. So before you pick up the phone or login to LinkedIn to begin talking to potential candidates, take a step back. You must first understand what your ideal candidate looks like, their interests, motivations and so on. We often call this a candidate persona, and it will help you know where to look.

4 — Build Relationships

Most of an IT Recruitment Consultant’s job is about gathering the facts they need to match their candidate’s ambitions with their client’s requirements. People are generally more willing to part with this information if they like who they are speaking to. Therefore, it’s essential to build rapport with your candidates and clients.

Successful technical recruiter building rapport with her candidates
Establishing good relationships early on in your recruitment career can benefit you long term. You never know, the Tech Support candidate you place now may go on to become a CTO later in their career and so become one of your clients.

5 — Ask Lots of Questions

Being a technical recruiter involves asking lots of questions about the candidate’s current circumstances and future career aspirations. The more thorough your questioning, the better chance you stand of making a successful placement.

6 — Don’t be Scared of Making Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes in recruitment, especially early on in their career, but this isn’t always such a bad thing. We all learn from experience, and making mistakes merely presents us with an opportunity to learn.

7 — Focus on Facts Rather Than Cliches

Avoid telling candidates that your job is a ‘fantastic opportunity to work in a ‘dynamic environment’; it just won’t wash. Instead, focus on the facts and let the candidate make up their own mind.

8 — Never Assume Anything

Novice recruiters often seek excuses not to pick up the phone and call candidates. For example, if a job seems too far for them to travel to or too much of a step up.

Young recruiter talking to one of her candidates
No matter how well you think you know a candidate, you should never assume anything about them. Their circumstances can often change or they omit information from their CV because they think it’s too obvious. Therefore, you should always pick up the phone and ask a question before making assumptions.

9 — Get Creative

Many talented professionals avoid LinkedIn simply because they get hounded by recruiters! Therefore, you may sometimes need to think outside the box to know where to find them. Thinking creatively in situations like this is what separates the successful recruiters from the average. Don’t worry, there are many tools of the trade that can help you find the tech talent you’re looking for.

10 — Understand the Job Description

When you get a job description from a client, it will often give a brief overview of the successful candidate’s job role and list specific skills and attributes they should have. That is often where it ends.

A Few Final Thoughts on Becoming a Successful Technical Recruiter

Technical recruitment is no different than recruiting for any other sector. Sure, it comes with its own jargon, but so does any other industry, such as healthcare or construction. The main attraction to tech recruitment is the salaries we deal with are higher than in many other professions. In turn, this means there is the potential for successful technical recruiters to earn a bigger chunk of commission with every placement they make.



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