Ten Tips For Becoming A Successful Technical Recruiter

IT recruitment has always been a lucrative business. Presently, the demand for developers and other tech professionals is increasing, and the industry anticipates it will rise further over the next ten years. Such demand presents a great opportunity for agency based technical recruiters to earn sizable commission cheques on top of their salaries.

That said, many newbie consultants are put off going into tech recruiting for various reasons, but that needn’t be the case. This article looks at the perceived obstacles to becoming a successful technical recruiter and how to overcome them. More importantly, we give our top tips on how to thrive in this compelling career.

Our Top 10 Tips for Becoming a Successful Technical Recruiter

1 — Don’t Be Afraid of the Jargon

For example, the programming languages used by software developers can look pretty frightening to a complete newbie. However, the computer languages used by developers are pretty standard. Once you’ve learnt what they are, you will find yourself coming across the same languages for similar, future roles. Therefore, filling your first vacancy might be a challenge, but your job will likely become much easier over time.

Young lady worried that she'll never be a successful technical recruiter with all the computer languages she needs to learn
Don’t let learning computer languages be a barrier to a career in technology recruitment. You don’t need to know the languages themselves, only have a rough idea of what they do and how they relate to your role.

2 — Accept That Every Day Will be a School Day

Stack Overflow is where talented tech professionals go to ask questions and share learning experiences. So if you have any questions that you’re too afraid to ask, you may find the answers by searching here. Even the most experienced recruiters will tell you that they learn something new in their job every day.

3 — Know Your Candidate

In the current market, where top tech talent is scarce, you will likely need to compromise somewhere. However, having a clear picture in your mind from the outset will give you a good starting point.

4 — Build Relationships

An easy way to do this is to find common ground with the individuals you’re working with. Of course, you have a job to do, but making small talk can really help you as a technical recruiter.

Only discussing the content of people’s CVs day in and day out can become incredibly dull very quickly. However, people give away many details about what’s important to them when making small talk. So don’t be afraid to ask people how their weekend was or what kind of day they’re having. You never know where friendly chit chat might lead!

Successful technical recruiter building rapport with her candidates
Establishing good relationships early on in your recruitment career can benefit you long term. You never know, the Tech Support candidate you place now may go on to become a CTO later in their career and so become one of your clients.

5 — Ask Lots of Questions

6 — Don’t be Scared of Making Mistakes

The important thing is that as soon as you realise you’ve mucked up, own up to it and ask for help asap. Remember: the mistakes we make in recruitment can have an impact on someone else’s career. Nobody will think any less of you for messing up but not owning up to it can cause big problems.

7 — Focus on Facts Rather Than Cliches

For example, what have previous employees at this company gone on to achieve later in their career? Alternatively, if it’s a new position, what kind of projects will they be working on if they accept this role? If you don’t know this kind of information, pick up the phone and speak to your client: They will be glad to see you’re taking such an interest in their vacancy.

8 — Never Assume Anything

But how do you know the answers to these questions if you don’t ask? What’s more, how frustrating will it be to learn of a competing consultant placing that candidate in the same job that you overlooked them for? Losing a candidate to a rival agency is a scenario we see all the time in recruitment. However, it’s easy to avoid if you pick up the phone and ask a simple question.

Young recruiter talking to one of her candidates
No matter how well you think you know a candidate, you should never assume anything about them. Their circumstances can often change or they omit information from their CV because they think it’s too obvious. Therefore, you should always pick up the phone and ask a question before making assumptions.

9 — Get Creative

10 — Understand the Job Description

A list of wants from your client is not enough information for you to successfully sell the role to a candidate — and most likely why your client can’t fill it themselves! The thing is, people won’t switch jobs for what a company wants from them. Potential candidates will also want to know how the company will reward them and what their workplace culture is like.

If you receive a job description that’s missing vital information, pick up the phone and have a conversation with your client.

A Few Final Thoughts on Becoming a Successful Technical Recruiter

We are always looking for ambitious individuals who are interested in tech recruitment. You can find out here more about what it’s like to be part of our team, or why not pick up the phone and let’s chat?

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