10 Reasons Why Going Back To Work Is A Good Thing

The thought of going back to work stresses us out as much as this lady sitting here with her head in her hands
The start of lockdown impacted many people’s mental health. Now the thought of returning to work is having the same effect.

10 Reasons Why Going Back to Work is a Good Thing

We don’t yet know what the ‘new normal’ will bring. Some employers may demand we all return to our desks immediately, while others now see the benefits of home working. Either way, the decision is unlikely to be ours and none of us like feeling that we don’t have choices.

1 — Better Work-Life Balance

Wait… What?! That’s right! Apparently, as a result of working remotely, many of us have worked extra hours and suffered increased workloads. Not only that, but the feeling of our workspaces being in the same building in our home space has upset our work-life balance. Where many of us first thought we would enjoy working from home, we’re now beginning to feel like we’re sleeping at work.

2 — We Just Love Routine

Before lockdown, how many of us thought of our daily routine as monotonous, humdrum, boring? But when that was taking away from us, what did we miss? Going to the gym, having lunch with colleagues, 11 o’clock brews or Friday early doors drinks?

Colleagues realising why going back to work is a good thing.
The weather may be cold and raining but there are many reasons to be grateful for going back to work.

3 — Closing The Skills Gap

This one sounds like motivation for management to get us back into the office, but actually, it’s something all of us should care about. Being in the office environment enables us to learn from the expertise of those around us. The long term result of this is that people who know their stuff get promoted, which creates entry-level jobs for less experienced candidates to apply for.

4 — Building Relationships

Skills sharing aside, how many of us have met friends at work? Some of us would not have met our partners if it wasn’t for a little flirting around the water cooler. Relationships like that are hard to form via video calls or over the phone. Or how about making the new girl feel welcome? Does she even know you like her after working with you since last summer?

5 — Easier Communication

How frustrating is it when you need to ask someone a question, and all you get is their answering service? We will get things done so much more quickly when we can just nip over to their desk and ask them. What’s more, while we’re there, we can find out how each other are doing and catch up on everything we’ve missed out on this last year!

Work colleagues collaborating on a project
Team collaboration becomes much easier in an office environment.

6 — Productivity

Productivity sounds like another one that our bosses will benefit from but is really beneficial to us all. Nobody enjoys missing deadlines or having a never-ending project that they just want to get rid of. The office environment is a breeding ground for creativity and collaboration that allows us to focus on our work and get more done.

7 — Great Coffee!

And what about all those small independent retailers who we have become part of our morning routines? City centre businesses rely on the steady stream of custom from office workers. Without our caffeine habits to cater for or carb cravings to feed, our cities have become dull and lifeless. They can’t wait to see us again!

8 — Dressing to Impress

How many of us have spent the last year in leggings and our favourite snuggly hoodie? Or maybe even spent whole days in our pyjamas when we haven’t had to see anyone? While this has been one of the biggest perks of lockdown for some, how nice will it be to dress up again? We can’t wait to dig out those cute little office outfits and swipe on some vibrant lipstick!

9 — Quality Workspace

At the beginning of lockdown, we all got excited about creating an Instaworthy workspace. Sadly, many of us just didn’t have the space to create one and ended up working from the kitchen table with our intermittent broadband connection. Getting back to a purpose-built workspace with a supportive chair will be a godsend for those of us.

Two ladies enjoying coffee as they walk to work
Going back to work is a great excuse to indulge in a few guilty pleasures and catch up with friends.

10 — Increase our Step Count

Getting 10,000 steps per day is a challenge when you only walk from your bed to the kitchen, then the bathroom and back again. Going back to the office will give us a chance to increase our fitness levels and maybe even get back to the gym.

A Few Final Thoughts on Why Going Back to Work is a Good Thing

Getting back to normality will bring lots of good things like holidays abroad, live music, theatre, festivals and sports tournaments. Returning to the workplace is just part and parcel of unlocking our society and enjoying life again.



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